1xbet test – betting offer and bonus

1xbet test – betting offer and bonus

A bookmaker decided to use fairness as a figurehead. So it’s not surprising that the name of this company is 1xbet . This 1xbet report will reveal whether everything is actually going well, as promised by the provider.

Customers can approach the company with complete peace of mind, as it has been serving many users since 1999. In a 1xbet test it must be examined if the platform can also meet the most modern requirements of the players.


Bonus promotions

Bonuses are often the reason for new customers to ultimately choose a particular provider. This is quite justified, but you should definitely also consider the other offers. Because only those who are completely satisfied with a bookmaker will be able to look forward to an added bonus.1xbet скачать

Here, not only the final amount is relevant, but also the corresponding terms and conditions. The 1xbet Bonus has been created especially for new customers. The provider doubles the first deposit. This applies to a maximum of € 20. If you pay this amount at the beginning, you can look forward to a starting credit of 40 €.

If this process does not happen automatically, you should contact customer service using a 1xbet voucher code. Usually this might be automatically added to the shopping cart with the first deposit. To get an overview of your own bonus, you can find a extra menu item in your personal profile.

From time to time you can also find one or the other 1xbet voucher that is suitable for existing customers. Here, however, it depends on current daily actions and general statements can hardly be made here. In the menu you can find additional information on the expiry date and important information about the conditions of the corresponding action. a nice overview also allows the customer to get an overview of offers and voucher campaigns that have already been redeemed.

In itself, the offer around the bonus is very consistent. At most it could be criticized that the total bonus sum is not very high. However, you are not tempted to make unnecessarily high deposits, so this is ultimately a matter of taste for the player, whether a small deposit amount is really a reason for criticism.

data sheet

1xbet key data

  • Name: 1xbet
  • Website: www.1xbet.com
  • Telephone number: not available
  • Email: via contact form
  • Live chat: not available

1xbet is a British bookmaker. For strategic and economic reasons you can also find branches in other European countries. Malta is particularly relevant here, as the island state is responsible for licensing the provider.

The authorities located here are known for their good and careful work in dealing with companies from the gambling industry. But that everything is going well and seriously at 1xbet is also indicated by the amount of employees working for the group. With more than 1350 employees, the bookmaker is one of the largest companies in Malta.

The provider strives for a solid and sustainable business model and this can only be guaranteed in Europe through serious business practices. Over a million users regularly use the appealing offer and are apparently happy to be convinced of 1xbet’s performance.

The bookmaker also benefits from the fact that he supplements his betting offer with other forms of gambling. Because whoever examines the platform, will also come across a online casino, as well as various games in the arcade area or poker. Overall, there is a diverse portfolio and you can really let off steam here.

Nevertheless, the betting offer is still seen as a core area of ​​the company. With detailed research, one reads over and over of positive 1xbet experiences, which especially praise the wide range and the 1xbet app.


Odds are a company’s big figurehead in the field of digital sports betting . Not many players pay only attention to the highest payout keys as they are ultimately responsible for how much money ends up in players’ pockets if they make a correct tip.

The closer the said key comes to 100 percent, the more attractive it is for the user, since the group profits are reduced in favor of the customers. At 1xbet you can actually feel well and fairly treated with a general quota of 93 percent. Hardly any provider offers more, so it is particularly worthwhile to take a look at the other offers, because there is hardly any reason for criticism when it comes to profit opportunities.

The maximum winnings are also quite high. It was set at 10,000 euros. This must be taken into account when dealing with higher stakes. Overall, the 1xbet test in terms of odds could be rated as very positive. The group is one of the bookmakers who set the tone on the market in this regard.

Betting offer

Another plus point of the offer is the range of different digital bets . Football is of course the dominant type of betting and sport, but there are also enough other ways to turn stakes into winnings. One look is enough to see that the selection is extremely broad. With American football, athletics, Australian rules, baseball, basketball, boxing, chess, cricket, cycling, darts, soccer, golf, dog racing, handball, horse racing, mixed martial arts, motor sports, rugby union and other specialty betting, this should be for every player Be right there.

It is interesting to note that the platform has been translated into all kinds of languages. This shows how global the provider is, because you can find the website in German, English, Irish English, Danish, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish. This covers almost half of Europe and the large number of customers is also due to the flexibility of the language design.

Conversely, events from all parts of the world can also be found. German players of course have a large national selection of various sports. But even those users who prefer to bet on international events have plenty of options. In general, 1xbet offers everything you could want to play.

The extraordinary variety enables even experienced users to discover new bets and sports. The fact that a casino, poker and arcade games are also included in the offer is very welcome. Even bingo can be found here. These additional games thus act as a welcome addition to the regular betting game. The usability, i.e. the user-friendliness, is also well done.

In this way, the players manage to maintain an overview even with such a large offer. Browsing through new types of sports is also playful. Registration is quick and easy and the customer area is pleasantly clear. It is hard to overlook the bonuses that are currently being offered on the platform. There are various promotions for the betting area and also the in-house casino.

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Live betting

If you are new to live betting, 1xbet offers good opportunities to gain initial experience, for example via the app or your smartphone . There are all kinds of live games and it is very easy to use. The special thing about this type of betting is that the odds could be changed in the course of a game. As time runs out, the chances that a certain event will still take place naturally decrease.

That in turn drives the quotas themselves to unimagined heights. In particular, those players who want to specialize in surprises are activated by the high profit opportunities. Shortly before the end of a game you are confronted with the very best odds.

The use of live betting also works extremely elegantly with the 1xbet app. So it is also possible to give tips on current events while on the go . Quite a few players follow the game live on TV at home or in a bar or even in the stadium and use the live offer to express their impressions of the events through betting.

With a little luck and a sure instinct, you can make nice profits that can even surpass the income from regular bets. Great entertainment potential is almost automatically ensured and live bets really are a spectacular addition to the other offer at any time.

Advantages and disadvantages

advantages disadvantage Comprehensive range of bets Expandable support Casino, poker and arcade games are also available 1xbet Bonus could be higher 1xbet app allows typing on the go EU license from Malta Versatile payment options

Customer service

1xbet Support is something the company can still work on a little further. Because there are certainly different ways of establishing contact, but overall one has to say that other providers in the market are better positioned here. Customers are advised to go to the platform’s help page.

Answers to common questions can be found here quickly and easily and you save the hassle of emailing. This is answered within around 8 hours on average. In this regard, there are companies in the industry that move faster, but also bookmakers who move more slowly. 1xbet shows itself creatively through the offer of Twitter.

A tweet can be used to establish contact with the company. To complain is that other channels are completely dispensed with. Without live chat and a hotline, there are no direct methods to customer service. And so users automatically have to expect waiting times. The answers you receive are at least answered satisfactorily and competently. This is when the friendly and customer-oriented nature of the employees comes into its own.

It is to be hoped that the provider will support his creativity with more substance later on. a live chat as well as a free hotline would considerably enhance the offer in terms of support, which of course would ultimately benefit the customer. The company could also attract more players to the platform, who now need a little more support and help with use.

Deposits and withdrawals

There are enough payment methods at 1xbet. Credit cards are one of the most popular methods here and Visa and MasterCard can be used. However, other users will use the standard bank transfer. Of course, no direct payments are possible here, so you have to wait a few days. Even so, many players still prefer bank transfers.

The PayPal offer is particularly attractive. This is a real force in the online payments world. Because transactions are not only protected against unauthorized access by good security, but there is also a special buyer protection, which can be seen as a flagship of PayPal .

This is available free of charge when using the service on top. Alternative methods are those offered by Skrill, Moneybookers, Neteller, and also the Paysafecard. This wide variety of deposit options should satisfy players of all types. Other companies do much less work in this regard.

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All in all, 1xbet knows how to convince. The platform is successful and the offer promises not only betting but also an exciting casino and other games such as arcade games, poker and bingo. Thus, the provider has managed to create an all-round coherent gambling portfolio. Many users report very good 1xbet experiences.

This is not least due to the beautiful 1xbet bonus offers. These are quite varied and new customers can have their first deposit doubled to a maximum of 20 euros. Admittedly, you can find promotions in the industry that seem to be much more attractive, because bonus amounts often run up to 100 or 150 euros.

But experienced users know that it is in part a real art to meet the relevant conditions here. This is much easier with your own payment of 20 euros. You can also praise the transparent presentation of the conditions. 1xbet lives up to its name in this regard.

The range of sports betting is impressive. Many different sports are represented and the events span the entire planet. Live betting, in particular, has established itself in the past as a popular medium through which, at least in theory, you can further support your favorite teams or players. Correct predictions are rewarded with very good odds, which do not have to hide in the large comparison of bookmakers .

The payout key was set at around 93 percent. So you can close the 1xbet report with a good feeling. The well-being of the customer is certainly taken care of here, even if there are still one or the other weak point in the offer. Thanks to the many advantages, the small weaknesses are well balanced.

When 1xbet started its career in Germany in 2000, it was only active as a betting exchange in this country. With the introduction of the betting tax in 2012, the 1xbet betting exchange said goodbye to the German-speaking market. But now you’re back. And more than four million customers are enthusiastic. Betting fans who have not yet registered can use the bonus code “ZSKACH” to use our EXCLUSIVE link to get a 100 percent bonus on their first deposit (max. 100 euros). This can be used freely in the countless betting markets. a 1xbet bonus code is required for redemption. In order to top up the personal member account, one can choose from an extensive list of free payment service providers (including PayPal Sportwetten, Credit card, instant transfer). When it comes to odds, 1xbet doesn’t have to hide. For our 1xbet experience just read on.

1XBET RATING Betting offer 8th Sports betting bonus 10 Payment transactions 6th Licensing & Security 6th Customer support 7th Sports betting app 9 Live betting & streams 7th Betting odds & limits 9 Loyalty & VIP program 8th Additional offers 9 Overall grade: 79/100 Directly to the provider

1xbet experiences: all strengths and weaknesses in the test

But what strengths and weaknesses emerge from the 1xbet experience of already registered players in terms of betting offer, new customer bonus, payment portfolio and customer service? All evaluation criteria at a glance:

  1. Betting offer
  2. Live betting
  3. Welcome bonus
  4. Payment methods
  5. Mobile applications
  6. Usability
  7. Betting tax and limits
  8. Customer service
  9. Security and Licensing
  10. Conclusion

Betting offer


With currently 27 sports on offer , 1xbet positions itself in the upper midfield in the bookmaker test. The largest selection of bets is of course offered to the player in the ‘Football’ category . Here 1xbet not only serves the 1st Bundesliga, but also the 2nd and even the third division. Furthermore, all relevant international leagues are served ( e.g. Primera Division, Premier League, Champions League).

Apart from football, no sports fan is neglected. The portfolio ranges from A for American football to W for winter sports. Of course, the “usual suspects” tennis, basketball, handball, baseball, cricket and with LoL, CS: GO and Starcraft 2 even eSport betting . How extensive the side bets are depends on the popularity of the match or the sport. Especially in football, the amount of special bets could be up to 100. The winning keys are slightly above average in the case of 1xbet and therefore perfectly fine.

Sports betting bonus


The former betting exchange and today’s betting provider 1xbet spoils its new customers with a great welcome bonus. Every player who reaches the betting company via our link receives an added bonus credit in the amount of his first deposit, provided this is at least 10 euros and the bonus code “ZSKACH” is used. From this it can be deduced that it is a 100 percent bonus. This bonus is given to customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Example: If you deposit 50 euros, you receive a 50 euros bonus, so you can bet a total of 100 euros. The 1xbet bonus can be maxed out by depositing 100 euros (= maximum bonus of 100 euros). In order to be able to find the bonus on his account, the user account must be created with a corresponding 1xbet bonus code. This is called ” ZSKACH “. 1xbet requires that the bonus and deposit are converted three times in sports betting (live bets are also possible) . Only bets with a minimum odds of 1.60 are relevant .

The betting provider grants the brand new customer up to 90 days for this . It is important to note that not all deposit methods are bonus qualifying. The 1xbet sports betting bonus is only given on deposits made by credit card, PayPal, instant transfer and Giropay . If all 1xbet bonus conditions have been met, the player can certainly withdraw the remaining or increased bonus portion. The general conditions (offer is only aimed at hobby players, only one bonus redemption per household) naturally apply consequently.

Payment transactions


So that players are not tied to one or two specific payment methods, 1xbet offers a wide selection. The 1xbet experience of the players has shown that a PayPal payment is generally the most popular . Why? Very simple: A PayPal transaction is safe, fast and free of charge for the player. Other payment methods that exist are Skrill by Moneybookers, Neteller, Sofortüberweisung and Paysafecard . In addition, credit could be transferred using MasterCard or VISA credit cards and Visa Electron credit. Finally, traditional bank transfer should be mentioned as a possible payment method.

Unfortunately, 1xbet’s payment portfolio is not completely free of charge. Deposits by credit card (1.50 percent) and Paysafecard (2.50 percent), for example, are not free. The minimum deposit is usually between seven and 15 euros . The time it takes for a withdrawal to be processed depends on the payment service provider. The eWallet provider is particularly quick – the money is there in a maximum of 24 hours. However, it takes a little longer by credit card and bank transfer (each 2-5 working days). A withdrawal is requested by going as follows: ” My Account” – ” My 1xbet Account” – “Your Balance” – “Withdraw Balance” (right). Important: To prevent money laundering, withdrawals can only be made in the same way as the payment was made ( e.g. PayPal – PayPal). The procedure is called “cloose loop policy”.

Licensing & Security


For those in charge at 1xbet, compliance with all safety regulations is obviously a serious concern. Furthermore, care is taken to ensure that the data is transmitted securely (including using SSL encryption). 1xbet is licensed and regulated from the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta. A gaming license from the ‘Malta Gaming Authority’ is consequently available.

The license was re-issued in March 2013 and the license number is MGA / CL2 / 294/2006 . By the way, behind the sports betting provider is PPB Counterparty Services Limited , that is based in St. Venera, Malta. Despite the fact that it does not act as a betting exchange in this country, 1xbet is the world’s largest online betting exchange for sports betting. The company employs more than 1,300 people. Payouts are processed quickly and reliably, so that there is nothing to complain about the seriousness.

Customer support


In the ‘contact area’ of the 1xbet website, we recommend that you contact us by email. The German customer service is available from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. with help and advice. The e-mail must be sent to supportde (ät) 1xbet.com for betting and account matters . 1xbet promises an answer within four hours during opening hours .

In correspondence with 1xbet, the player should make sure to give his username. Alternatively, there is the option of using the English-speaking telephone service. He can be reached under the British (!) Number +44 20 3059 888 . Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to find any additional live chat.

The 1xbet experience shows that the answers do indeed arrive quickly and the 1xbet team can be described as competent. Instead, however, there is an extensive “Help section” at the bottom of the website. Here are important questions than 300 more clarified on various topics.

Sports betting app


The British can particularly score points in the ‘ Mobile Applications ‘ category . The Bookie offers download apps for iOS / Android as well as a ‘download-free’ alternative in the form of a browser app. In both applications, users have the option of using just about all functions that they are used to from the desktop version. This includes activating promotions, making deposits and withdrawals and placing bets. The iOS app is 46.5 MB in size, so hardly any storage space is blocked. The most convenient way to use the 1xbet app is to go to “m.1xbet.de”. The mobile version of the page is then automatically forwarded. Of course, all mobile applications are completely free of charge.

Ease of use: Clear page structure enables intuitive handling

1xbet opted for a relatively simple design in yellow. On the home page, the bookmaker mainly advertises the welcome bonus. In the upper menu bar you can choose “Sports betting” (left). One click later you can choose from all sports. If you are logged in, the bet could be placed with three clicks. Simply click on the respective odds and the tip will be added to the betting slip. Choose your stake, check possible winnings, place your bet – done. Other functions such as deposits and withdrawals can also be found immediately thanks to the good arrangement of the operating elements. The loading times are always pleasantly short.

Live betting & streams


If you select ‘ Sports Betting ‘ in the upper menu , you can choose ‘ Live ‘ in the bar below . This is how you get to the 1xbet Live Betting Center. Dominant in terms of betting choices here again the royal sport of football . Live betting is also offered on the following sports: tennis, basketball, golf, ice hockey, volleyball. On the start page of the live center, all currently running games are displayed together with the betting odds. On average, there are always around 100 live bets to choose from . With a click on the respective event, the detailed view opens live with all available side bets. At least in football there is mostly a Extended live ticker with graphic information available. For example, customers receive information about possession, corners or other chances to score. Unfortunately, a live stream is generally not available.

Betting odds & limits


In the meantime, almost every sports betting provider charges its players the unpopular betting tax. In the beginning, many a bookie took on the burden of paying the player. Over time, however, the financial pressure has become too great. The betting tax was introduced in mid-2012 and taxes all sports betting (online and offline) with a 5 percent levy. The tax is levied regardless of the outcome of the game. 1xbet is one of the few bookmakers that does not pass the betting tax on to the player. As a result, 1xbet assumes the entire tax burden and pays it to the appropriate place. In the event of success, the result is that the player wins a five percent higher bet than the competition.

Regarding the profit restrictions, it should be said that these are not uniformly regulated at 1xbet. Instead, the bookie has set different betting limits and odds for different sports, leagues and betting options . If you bet on the game result, for example, the winning limit in football is one million euros . For most side bets ( e.g. over / under, goalscorer) the win limit is reduced to 500,000 euros. In some cases, the winning limit drops to up to 10,000 euros. If you are unsure, you should contact customer support before placing a bet.