Flags at half mast by Maradona at Camp No

Flags at half mast by Maradona at Camp No

It rains less in Valladolid after reaping the first victory of the season at the expense of an Athletic that already sees the precipice of the relegation places and where the name of Gaizka Garitano begins to be discussed in the cliques with a ‘Botxo’ mask. Orellana, from a penalty, and Marcos André scored the goals of the victory that allows Sergio González’s team to catch some air in the table.


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The league





Masip; Hervías (Pérez, 57 ‘), Joaquín, Bruno, Nacho; Orellana (Rubio, 68 ‘), Alcaraz, Fede, Óscar Plano (Raúl García, 82’); Marcos André (El Yamiq, 82 ‘), Sergi Guardiola.


Unai Simon; Capa, Yeray, Iñigo Martínez, Yuri; Dani García (Vesga, 53 ‘), Unai López (Zarraga, 75’); Muniain (Sancet, 75 ‘), Raúl García (Villaliibre, 53’), Morcillo (Berenguer, 52 ‘); Williams.


1-0 m. 18 Orellana, from a penalty. 2-0 M. 48 Marcos André. 2-1 M. 86 Williams.


Soto Grado (Riojan Committee). TA: Hervías (38 ‘), Alcaraz (66’), Masip (71 ‘) and Raúl Carnero (91’) / Unai Simón (18 ‘) and Muniain (66’).


José Zorrilla. Behind closed doors.

There are details that decide parties. It happens for the better and for the worse. Unai Simón got the cross of football in Pucela, who suffered the speed of the wet grass at José Zorrilla and gave Valladolid a penalty in the first half. The Vitorian goalkeeper, one of the fittest in the League, mishandled a ball after the loan of a teammate and was forced to knock down Marcos André inside the area. The rest, from eleven meters, was in charge of the Chilean Orellana.

The goal gave wings to Valladolid and confined Athletic, which in this new season has not quite hit the mark. Garitano plays here and there, but the music still doesn’t sound like it should. Luckily for the rojiblancos, André forgave point-blank at the far post after a tireless foray into his lane by Hervías. Unfortunately for them, the Brazilian had no mercy after the break when he caught a rebound from Unai Simón in the small area and pushed the leather into the net at will. Deserved award for white-and-violet bravery.

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Only then were the first roars of the lions heard, but it was a lot of noise and nothing. Raúl García, head first, came to disturb Masip. A swallow that did not make a summer. Neither were the opportunities wasted by Villalibre and Williams, who cut penalty distances to put some uncertainty in the final stretch without consequences for the scoreboard.

Diego Armando Maradona’s death keeps all of Argentina in mourning, but it seems that the circumstances of his death may have consequences after the funerals are over.


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Maradona dies

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Maradona’s laywer hits out after the death of Diego Maradona

If on the one hand the previous conclusions of the autopsy carried out by the San Isidro Prosecutor’s Office were known, Diego’s lawyer and friend, Matías Morla, published through his accounts on social networks in which he doubts the performance health services and qualifies as "criminal idiocy" the delay of half an hour for the ambulance that traveled to the residence in Tigre where Maradona was.

Morla declares "friend", "brother" Y "soldier" of Maradona and for this reason he announces that he will take all the necessary legal actions to clarify what happened and if there was any negligence. 

The result of Maradona’s autopsy

This is the text of Matías Morla’s message: "Today is a day of deep pain, sadness and reflection. I feel in my heart the departure of my friend whom I honored with my loyalty and support until the last of his days".

"I did my farewell with him in person and the wake should be an intimate and family moment".

"Regarding the report of the San Isidro Prosecutor’s Office, it is inexplicable that for 12 hours my friend has not had attention or control from the health personnel dedicated to these purposes".

"The ambulance took more than half an hour to arrive, which was a CRIMINAL IDIOTE".

"This fact should not be overlooked and I will ask that the consequences be investigated until the end. As Diego told me: ‘You are my soldier, act without mercy’."

"To define Diego in this moment of deep desolation and pain I can say: he was a good son, he was the best soccer player in history and he was an honest person".

"Rest in peace, brother".

Maradona dies: the reactions, live

Flags at half mast by Maradona at the Camp Nou

Matías Morla’s statement on Diego Armando Maradona | TWITTER

Barça is one of the clubs that have expressed their feelings for the loss of Diego Armando Maradona with the greatest emotion: the Barça club, which has placed its flags at half-staff, used social networks to share their grief over the death of ‘El Fluff’.


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In addition, Barça will be present at the wake to be held in Buenos Aires to fire Maradona: the head of institutional relations, Guillermo Amor, had planned to travel to the capital of Argentina to represent the Barça club, but the restrictions of the pandemic complicate displacement.

The memory of Barça to Maradona | FCB

Thus, it will be a former Barça player, Javier Mascherano, former captain of the Argentine team, who will represent the club at the funeral for Maradona: ‘Masche’ will wear a flower crown on behalf of Barcelona, ​​the first European club in which he played Maradona, between 1982 and 1984.

The Barça club will observe a minute of silence in memory of Diego Armando Maradona at Barça – Osasuna: Ronald Koeman’s players will wear black armbands. 

LaLiga president Javier Tebas sees "very dangerous" the financial doping in which you consider they incur "equipment status" like PSG or Manchester City that "are doped in their sponsorships".

11/26/2020 at 17:09 CET


"The salary of European football is inflated by 15 percent because these clubs do not pay with what they generate, but with oil and gas. They have more sponsorships than Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester without having their brand image, they pay much more than what they generate and that must be cut because that is the great problem of European football, that sponsorships are doped"he mused, admitting that "all complaints" to those teams "LaLiga has made it". is convinced that the Spanish league will be, "next to the german", of the leagues that "will be more favored by the crisis" economic consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"There is no doubt that, within the crisis, the leagues that are going to come out stronger will be the Spanish and the German", said Tebas in Bilbao, in the central ring of the San Mamés stadium within a conference organized by the Basque Competition Authority (LEA / AVC) on financial ‘fair play’ and audiovisual rights in the world of football

Tebas participated in the two discussion tables in which a day was divided that had as title "Competition law and the new challenges in professional football in the face of the pandemic".

Arrasate loses David García and Adrián to face Barça

In the first, about "The financial ‘fair play’ in football clubs before the covid and its consequences", the president of LaLiga was accompanied by the General Director of Athletic, Jon Berasategi, and the head of the United Nations Department of Competition and Consumer Protection Policies, Juan Luis Crucelegui.

Thebes made a defense of the "Economic control" applied to clubs, something that he believes has helped LaLiga to "to demonstrate once again to the national, European and global financial sector that we are a reliable and credible sector".

He also considers that this economic control has been very good for Spanish football in these times of pandemic. "I am positive because we predict what will happen, the clubs are taking the appropriate measures and already in the 2021-2022 season", with the appearance of "the vaccine" against COVID-19, "we are going to find ourselves in a normal situation".

Thebes spoke of specific cases and revealed that "14 clubs" are going to exceed their financial limit, including "FC Barcelona in 200 million". He also assured that "Valencia had no other option" to act as he has done, sell to important players, before "the double crisis" in which he is immersed: "has stopped playing the Champions League and the pandemic has arrived". 

He also complained that in Spain "the so-called Beckham Law continues to exist, except in football". And explained that "fiscal benefits" Italy has also adopted such laws and that is why a lot is being done "talent transfer" to the transalpine country.

Berasategi, for his part, explained: "The big clubs are suffering more from the crisis because we depend less on television revenues" and calculated Athletic’s losses in "30 million euros" in the two seasons affected by the pandemic.

Crucelegui also believes that "the English league is the one that is better able to weather the pandemic because it has more income and a more efficient control system" and that "German and Spanish league take it in the best way" than the italian "you are having major problems" and the French, who "it’s having a pretty bad time because it ended in March and lost part of the income".

Thebes shared the second colloquium, on "Audiovisual rights", with the Secretary General and the Director of Women’s Soccer of the Royal Spanish Soccer Federation (RFEF), Andreu Camps and María Tato, and the president of Eibar, Amaia Gorostiza.

Escudero will be out for ten weeks due to an elbow dislocation

Maradona’s last words before he died

Camps advocated for "dialogue, dialogue and dialogue" to correct differences in the question of match schedules; Tato, former Athletic director, understands that "the future of women’s football passes through its viewing and management of television rights" and Gorostiza emphasized "the threat" what the possibility of it arriving for national leagues "the European Super League".