The best strategy to resist such acts of reason is to change the scene.

The best strategy to resist such acts of reason is to change the scene.

A change of scenery helps parents switch off

However, it is guaranteed counterproductive for enjoyable moments for two if the child-free time is used to whip up the household, like the twin father Lars did with his wife. In a parents’ forum he tells: "We cleaned and tidied up our mess booth like the wild ones, according to the motto ‘you have to use the tight time window wisely without children’. That was pretty stupid, because we had stress again and precious little from each other."

The best strategy to resist such acts of reason is to change the scene. A young mother reports in the chat: "It was a real mini vacation for us in the small country hotel with a great restaurant. We were only a hundred kilometers away from home, but that was enough to gain some distance and relax. We knew that our daughter was happy with my sister and was well looked after."

In the meantime, hotels lure tired and stressed parents with offers like "child-free cozy weekend" or "finally sleep in again".  

Back in a "loud, colorful life as parents"

Parents who manage to relax and do something good for themselves within two child-free days look forward to their offspring all the more afterwards, including the familiar chaos and noise level. Representing many other parents, Mia describes her impressions on her blog after returning to everyday family life: "Sunday evening: the house is already messed up again, full of sand and crumbs and toys. We think it’s nice. The children make an unbelievable noise at the bathing party and we are the rest ourselves. 24 hours without children was a nice excursion into another life and we felt good. We should do that more often. https://topadultreview.com/ But we are happy that we can always return to our loud, cluttered, colorful life as parents."

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In order for her baby to survive, a 34-year-old mother from Aurora / Colorado decided not to have an operation for herself when giving birth – and died shortly after the birth.

Karisa Bugal had complications in the delivery room; a rare amniotic fluid embolism suddenly appeared. The fluid then enters the mother’s bloodstream and can only be saved by emergency surgery. But the baby’s heartbeat became weaker and weaker and the child would not have survived an operation.

Life of the mother or that of the child

There were two options: get the baby by caesarean section, save his life. Or stabilize the mother’s breathing and circulation with several operations – save her life. Karisa Bugal asked for the emergency caesarean section to be performed. After her son Declan was born, she was admitted to intensive care. After the operation, the weakened mother asked about the baby and how much it weighed. Shortly afterwards, she died, a doctor told the US broadcaster 9news.

Karisa and Wes Bugal already had a daughter, the second child should make the family happy. Now the father wonders how he will one day explain to his son where his mother is. Donations for the family were collected online.

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The Pediatric Surgery Clinic in Cologne has successfully separated a Siamese pair of twins. The operation lasted five long hours and the two girls Tamari and Tebrole coped with it well.

Tamari and Tebrole were born as conjoined twins in Georgia. Now a new life is beginning for them. The two girls had grown together in the lower chest and stomach area, said the clinics of the city of Cologne.

The twins born on March 12th of this year would normally have all organs. According to the clinic, however, they had shared a liver.

Separating the liver was a challenge

According to the specialists, the separation of the liver was a particular challenge. It was also difficult to control the anesthesia in the small children at the same time. The surgical team around chief physician Boemers consisted of around 20 nurses and doctors from different medical disciplines.

Boemers has been the chief physician at the Pediatric Surgery Clinic in Cologne since 2005. He had once studied medicine in Munich. The Cologne clinics said the costs of around 81,000 euros would be covered by aid organizations. According to her, it was the first operative separation of Siamese twins for her.

Good chance of a normal life

"Tamari and Tebrole coped well with the operation and will receive intensive medical care for a few more days" said Boemers. "The two girls now have a great chance of leading a largely normal life."

Your doctors in Georgia advised you to have the operation. According to the Cologne clinics, the major operation was not possible in the family’s home country. Extensive preliminary examinations were necessary before the operation.

Identical twins are affected

Siamese twins are what medicine describes as a misdevelopment of identical twins. After birth, they are physically connected to each other. According to the Cologne clinics, there is only about one Siamese pair of twins for every million live births.

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Like a diet with a yo-yo effect: The Kobold Pumuckl was allowed to rock in the hammock with chubby cheeks and a bulbous belly for years. Then the redhead appeared lively and thin in a new edition of the classic children’s book. Fans protested – with success: Pumuckl can be fat again.

Uschi Bagnall, the daughter of Pumuckl inventor Ellis Kaut, announced in the "Munich Mercury": "Pumuckl gets his stomach back." Only this one book will appear with a thin pumuckl. Then the goblin should be allowed to be completely the same again.

Pumuckl is through the television series more than 20 years ago "Meister Eder and his pumuckl" got famous. Gustl Bayrhammer played the master Eder and Hans Clarin gave the goblin his voice. But the figure is even older. The first Pumuckl book was published 50 years ago by Herold-Verlag in Stuttgart.

Pumuckl should look more modern

The 50th anniversary of Pumuckl and the 95th birthday of its inventor Ellis Kaut were the occasion for a new edition, which will be published on September 11th by Kosmos Verlag. For this, the figure should get a more modern appearance.

"On the one hand, Pumuckl should be classic and recognizable for adults who know Pumuckl from their own childhood. On the other hand, it should also be given a modern touch to appeal to the new generation of children who are now reading Pumuckl" said publisher spokeswoman Stefanie Käfferlein. Thereupon the illustrator Jan Saße drew a slaggy Pumuckl.

Protest on Twitter: back with your stomach

However, it came "modern touch" not good for everyone. The vote of the readers of t-online.de is clear: 86.6 percent prefer the old Pumuckl. Only 2.2 percent like the new one. "He doesn’t see "leaner and more dynamic" out, but like a line in the landscape" commented reader caesarion40. And osito-muenchen scolded: "This is reminiscent of the brain-burned action from the USA that the cookie monster is suddenly no longer only allowed to eat cookies"Pumuck fans started the #bringbackbäuchlein campaign on Twitter. "Pumuckl as a lean vegan … that doesn’t work at all" wrote, for example, Twitter user Gagamel. Many wanted the old Pumuckl back:

I also want the old one, the real one, #Pumuckl back … the one with the # plaTE …

– Trentin (@AnTrentin) August 20, 2015

Modernization has overshot the mark

Now the belly supporters have achieved their goal. Uschi Bagnall, who holds the rights to the character together with her husband Brian and the first Pumuckl draftsman Barbara von Johnson, has promised a return to the original. "We have given the publisher our consent to modernize the Pumuckl" said Bagnall to that "Mercury". "We’re all around 70, we didn’t want to look old-fashioned. And we wanted to know which Pumuckl the children prefer." When she heard of the protest against the slim goblin, she was happy. "We felt confirmed."

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Even the world’s best father cannot get through the stressful everyday family life without coffee and a sports newspaper. American photographer Dave Engledow shows this in bizarre, sometimes silly pictures. The most important model is his daughter Alice Bee and his coffee cup with the statement "World’s Best Father".

Dad at home alone – 77 things mom shouldn’t know about
Photo series with 6 pictures

It’s kind of a photo diary that starts on day 199 and ends on day 918. Above all, it outlines the year in which the mother is abroad and "Papa home alone" so is the title of the series of 77 photos.

Engledow admits that by screaming, peeing, and pooping at all times of the day and night, the baby completely disturbed his everyday life. Breast milk ends up in coffee because nobody had time to buy condensed milk, the photographer jokes.

Humor against frustration and family chaos

So it’s not all going well, Dave doesn’t seem to be as structured as his wife Jen. But he brings the creative side to upbringing. A perfect addition. And that’s what the photojournalist calls his wife Jen "The best mom in the world and my best friend" – still, even if she is not allowed to know anything about these 77 things – captured in the photos.

"Papa home alone. 77 things mom shouldn’t know about" offers a different look at the chaos of the first few years as a family. Important: No child was harmed, but the productions may not be suitable for imitation.

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Parents must continue to expect warning strikes at daycare centers. In the third round of collective bargaining for employees in social and educational services, no agreement is in sight. The point of contention is the classification in higher pay groups, which corresponds to an average salary increase of ten percent.

The municipal employers’ associations (VKA) reject a general increase in the amount. The demand adds up to additional costs of 1.2 billion euros per year for municipalities.

The Verdi union justifies its claim with the increased demands on educators: In daycare centers, for example, language tests, early childhood education or work with parents were part of everyday life. "This is no longer expressed in payment" said Verdi negotiator Onno Dannenberg.