The Executive Program includes classes in evening or modular form.

The Executive Program includes classes in evening or modular form.

In the first case, regular attendance is provided, the correspondence form requires regular reporting on the work done, the application does not involve a permanent presence in an educational or scientific institution.

Business schools offer a much greater variety of forms of learning. Here are the most popular of them: Full-Time, Part-Time, Distance Learning, Executive Program. The Full-Time program is designed for full-time part-time training lasting up to two years. Part-Time is an evening form of education that allows you to combine education with work for 3-4 years.

The Distance Learning program, or distance learning, allows you to become a virtual geographically independent listener, the terms of mastering the course, as a rule, are not fixed. The Executive Program includes classes in evening or modular form. Modular programs provide that training is divided into a number of short face-to-face sessions and is suitable for people with a high level of employment [2].

Now let’s summarize. In most cases, writing a dissertation is a much smaller investment than getting a business education. Also, obtaining a degree does not require practical experience. When it comes to spending time, business education takes almost half the time and offers more forms of training to choose from.

From all the above it follows that education is an investment of effort, time and money in their future, but only when a person has a specific life plan. Otherwise, education will be a waste of them. As, for example, in the case of admission to graduate school for a place in a dormitory as free housing at the time of writing the dissertation, or to obtain a deferment or release from service in the army [2]. This choice is dictated by the momentary benefit, and does not bring long-term results.

What is more effective in terms of increasing the cost of a specialist in the labor market to obtain an MBA degree or defend a dissertation on a similar topic? What is the degree of risk of choosing the type of activity?

Each product has its price. A specialist in the labor market is no exception. Remuneration of a specialist cannot be considered only as remuneration for work and assessment of his qualifications. According to the laws of the market, the price of a good primarily depends on the ratio of supply and demand [20]. That is, in order to have a high value in the labor market, a specialist must have a very popular set of knowledge and skills.

Either in-depth study of the subject area or professional development of the professional management level can help in this. The first way directly leads to an increase in the cost of a specialist in the labor market, at the same time, creates significant restrictions when looking for work. What can you say about managerial qualities, which, at first glance, seem to be a more universal value in the labor market than professional ones.

Thus, there is a fundamental difference between the operation of a plant and a farm, but the mechanisms of management in both cases are the same. However, the development of only managerial skills without professional growth limits views on their own capabilities and business opportunities, which leaves less chance of winning the competitive race.

In fact, neither an academic degree nor an MBA degree is a determining factor in job placement. Some employers welcome the candidate’s education to be relevant to the company’s industry (for example, engineering education for information technology), in which case a degree will be preferable. Other employers are looking for good managers (for example, strategic management for project management), then an MBA degree is required.

There are a number of situations where both formations are very useful. Thus, for a candidate of technical sciences with an MBA degree there is a prospect of commercial application of knowledge in consulting or laboratory research. For a candidate of political science with an MBA degree – political and managerial consulting, election and PR campaigns [2]. Candidates and doctors in social sciences and social sciences with an MBA degree are often invited as consultants and analysts in commercial and social organizations.

Among business owners, there are so-called scientists-entrepreneurs who have managed to combine two related areas – research and entrepreneurship. This allowed them to create research and production companies whose activities are related to the development and implementation of new technologies.

It is possible to discuss for a long time the correspondence of the assumed and real results, but, agree, any study expands the field of knowledge, and therefore, is useful and necessary. When deciding on an education, it is important to clearly articulate the goals pursued in advance and predict the results, which will avoid vain hopes and false expectations.

What education allows you to get useful acquaintances and additional connections?

The ability to interact and build relationships is the foundation of business. Building a trusting business relationship determines the degree of your success and distinguishes a prosperous business from a business that you have to fight for [20].

Professional and business communication are not the same. Professional communication is a verbal interaction of a specialist with other specialists and clients of the organization in the course of professional activity [21]. Business communication allows you to get in touch with other people or organizations to get mutually beneficial results. Participants of business communication act in official statuses and are focused on achievement of the purpose, concrete tasks [22].

If we talk about professional communication and additional professional connections, they appear faster when the area in which they receive education is narrowly defined. For example, “marketing” sounds rather vague. People from different areas of marketing have far fewer points of interaction than people who are involved in PR. In this regard, it is more useful to write a dissertation, because it allows to communicate in a circle of experts of narrow sphere.

Obtaining an MBA degree is more conducive to business communication. First, the audience is quite diverse. Everyone has their own motives for choosing a business education. There can be middle managers who want to get an MBA for career purposes, as well as business owners who need access to new knowledge or foreign business experience. Second, a relaxed creative learning environment creates the conditions for the proper use of means of communication and overcoming communication barriers. As a result, useful acquaintances and business connections are gradually acquired.

It should be noted that successful partnerships are not established after the first meeting, it takes time. The learning process just promotes long-term communication with people with similar interests. In addition, personal communication is an effective tool for building business relationships on a long-term basis.

For what purposes is this or that education necessary? What is better for business, personality and professional and in what cases?

When choosing an education, it is important to understand what goal you are pursuing in life and professional activities, and how the degree will help achieve it.

The defense of a dissertation can benefit a specialist who has chosen a research company. If the topic of the dissertation coincides with the direction of professional activity of the specialist, it is considered by the employer as serious work experience. Therefore, you need to find out in advance how much the degree is valued in the area in which you focus.

Those who want to get a business education can pursue different goals. There are three main types of MBA students. The first is people who need a conceptual apparatus in their direct work. Next are those who, by the will of fate, have held a high position, not fully understanding what they manage and who they lead, but who seek to speak to their subordinates in the same language. The third type are people who have their own business or who are co-owners of companies. They believe that the MBA will give them specific practical knowledge that will increase their income. All three motivations have a right to exist [1].

The MBA program can be considered the best option for advanced training. This is a program for practitioners, in which much attention is paid to the vision of the strategic prospects of the company’s development, and advanced management techniques are mastered. The program also provides for the development of the ability to effectively use human resources and develop management decision-making skills.

But we should not forget that leadership requires more than just the desire to lead a team. Anyone who holds a managerial position needs a relationship of trust. People are ready to trust a leader who has the education and qualifications to support certain decisions. In this case, a leader who is able to maintain a balance of leadership and professional qualities will be more successful, which is often quite difficult. The synthesis of classical and business education will help here.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the learning outcome depends entirely on the will of the learner. It is important to understand that education provides only opportunities, and no more. 

Author: Inna Kolyadenko, KIBIT Business School. Sources.

KIBIT Business School 01/24/2012

Business education in Ukraine has not lost its popularity in recent years. More and more managers of different levels are expressing their desire to become a qualified manager after receiving an MBA degree.

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