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1xbet is a Malta-based company that was created in 1999 and offers various online gambling products in addition to sports betting and you can see it here. It belongs to the Paddy Power 1xbet group and has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since October 2010. In Spain it was one of the pioneers under the Exchange market with the dot com domain and began to operate under the dot is domain with all the licenses given with the Law 13/2011 of May 27 regulating gambling. However, its successful cross-betting system was forbidden for months by law in Spain, which limited its activity to the traditional betting market – Sportsbook. Once the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling again authorized cross-betting, www.1xbet.es began to operate in both modalities. 1xbet has a welcome bonus for its new users.https://bonusregg.ru/

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1xbet Notes

8.5/10NOTA GLOBAL Reputation 8.0 Payments 7.5Website 7.5Mobile 7.5Live 7.5Client service 7.5Dues 7.5Betting offer 8.0Bond 8.0

1xbet bonus

Best 1xbet bonus currently available: € 100 Bonus type: Deposit bonus 1xbet bonus code:Bonus amount: € 100 Minimum deposit: 10 € Withdrawal: See the terms and conditions

1xbet offers up to € 100 bonus for new users who register on www.1xbet.es using the promotional code ZAB444 and place at least five simple bets on the Sportsbook on different events of at least € 10 at a minimum fee of 1.5 during the 30 days after opening the account. You can find out this with our analysis of the 1xbet bonus. Thus, whoever places 5 bets of at least 10 euros (any bet over 10 euros will count towards the promotion just like the 10 euros one) will receive an added bonus of 20 euros in free bets. To receive the bonus you must use the promotional code 1xbet. The user can repeat this same operation several times, up to five times, in order to achieve the maximum amount in bonuses (€ 100) and by visiting their website you can obtain it.

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1xbet: Video Gambling

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1xbet in brief

The Web Legal and authorized website in spain Spanish website Mobile app Minimum deposit10 € Minimum bet€ 1 The bets Live betting Direct streaming Football pools Combined Cash-out Statistics Client service 8.5 Live Chat Telephone+44 203 059 8888 Contactespana@1xbet.com SIGN UP!
Payment method Deposit Retirement Available Taxes Available Taxes Wait time Get your 1xbet bonus now

Payment methods

1xbet has numerous options at the service of its users regarding possible payment methods and by visiting their website you can see it. In addition to the usual income from credit cards or bank transfer, we can deposit funds if we have an account in Paypal or through Neteller, Skrill, Trustly or with one of the codes that we ‘buy’ from Paysafecard, either virtually or in an establishment. In withdrawals, 1xbet enforces the Closed Circle Withdrawal policy, whereby at least the amount deposited through each method must be withdrawn in order to withdraw additional funds.

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1xbet Web

1xbet does not have corporate colors as recognizable as some of its competitors, although when accessing its website it is clear that yellow and black, which predominate in its header and in several scroll ads in the central and right part of the page , are the ones that most identify it. When writing the path and arriving at the page, we go directly to the Sportsbook section, that is, to the traditional betting section.

When you visit 1xbet.es you will see how the site tries to bring together a lot of information on the front page, so that the bettor has direct access to what he is looking for at the first glance, without having to get lost in the sections. a risky bet, without a doubt, because new users may find an excessively overloaded website, but when they have managed to ‘dominate’ it, they surely know how to take advantage of the fact of having so much information at a click of a button.

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If in the header we see links to the Exchange, Casino, Live Casino, Slots and Poker section, the central part of the Sportsbook website is divided into three large blocks. In the column on the left you have the classic links to the different sports, although rather than simply through sports, organize the sections by screening by dates or competitions (Today’s Football, La Liga, Euroleague, Today’s Basketball …) . That is to say, quick links to the highlighted competitions since we can already access the sports themselves through a drop-down that starts from a black row under the header and that orders the sports in alphabetical order.

The central and main column is headed by a block with the most outstanding promotions and the most important events that are being played or will be played soon or in the next few days.

And on the right is the space for the betting coupon when we accumulate them, to know long-term betting odds ( such as champions of competitions) and for colorful banners of other sections of 1xbet, such as its games or its Live Casino.

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How to bet on 1xbet?

The fame acquired in its day in 1xbet with cross bets , a system that all small bettors came to understand, has caused some users to still be unaware that in this house, famous in its day for this method, you can bet according to the method ‘ traditional ‘from the rest of the houses. What’s more, at www.1xbet.es they can have the advantage that with the same account and with the same income, they can, if they wish, go seamlessly from the Sportsbook website to the Exchange website or vice versa.

By default we will enter the traditional betting house (Sportsbook) where following the usual method we will have to select the chosen quota by clicking on the corresponding box where the quota appears in white on a blue background.

Yes, we must clarify how to bet if we click on the link that takes us to Exchange, where rather than placing a bet against ‘the house’, we will bet against other users.

What was new in the past and what is the appeal today? Obviously, the advantage today is less than when there were no live betting services on other websites with the same level as today, because the interactivity between users allowed that without the performance of the house, there would always be live bets (some users betting on a result and others on the contrary).

But the possibility of being able to bet ‘against something’ does remain, which can be fun and very useful on certain occasions. We can choose the quota, which will go up as if it were the Stock Market, depending on what the users are betting, either pre-match or during the development of the event.

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1xbet: available sports bets

The sports offer at www.1xbet.es is one of the most complete in the Spanish market. The great variety of disciplines reigns in this bookmaker, which ranges from the most popular sports such as football, tennis or basketball, to the lesser known sports such as Gaelic Football, Surfing or Snooker. The quotas are in the average of all the operators in Spain, so it has nothing to envy the others. Ready to bet on the victory of a soccer team in a match? Top scorer in a basketball game? Wait no longer and enter the 1xbet world.

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1xbet proposed sports

List of sports open to 1xbet bets
  • Present
  • Special bets
  • mixed martial arts
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Bandy
  • Billiards
  • Bowling
  • Boxing
  • Baseball
  • Horse races
  • Greyhound racing
  • Cycling
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Winter sports
  • e-Sports
  • Floorball
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Australian football
  • Indoor football
  • Golf
  • Ice Hockey
  • Gaelic Games
  • Motor
  • Netball
  • Politics
  • Rugby
  • Rugby league
  • Snooker
  • Surfing
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Beach volleyball

In the Exchange section, currently, we can bet on Soccer, Basketball and Tennis.

The types of bet on 1xbet

At 1xbet we have a wide range of markets to place pre-match bets and for live bets, and in both cases we can choose whether to make single, combined or system bets.

This house ( access to 1xbet ), which like many others, gives the possibility of ensuring profits through cash out. However, only in 1xbet do we find the ‘Edge Insurance’, the possibility of directly waiving a small part of the fee in a combination with three or more selections to obtain the full refund of the bet if we fail the combination by a single selection.

It should be noted that at 1xbet, apart from sports betting, we have a ‘News’ section in which we can bet on transcendent events at a international level related to culture or the economy (Oscar winners, market value of bitcoin to January 1, 2019) and another part of ‘Politics’, where special attention is paid to the different votes that take place in Great Britain.

As for sports, football, tennis and basketball are the sports that occupy the center of attention of 1xbet, with multiple markets and the help of its streaming television service, with which we can watch live tournaments of the ATP, the NBA and the Euroleague and football leagues such as the Bundesliga, Serie A or the Primeira Liga.

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1xbet football: Betting offer

Football is also the ‘king of sports’ at 1xbet and we can see this not only by the very high number of competitions, events and betting options within each event, but also by the number of specific markets that we have at 1xbet and that we cannot find elsewhere. houses, when you visit 1xbet you will see it.

Thus, within the ‘Special bets ‘ section, it offers numerous options to bet, mainly on future events associated with the transfer market.

Who will be the next coach of a certain team or in which team will a player who is rumored to leave his current club (Griezmann, De Gea, Hazard, Bale, Kane, Isco, Neymar …), although there is also the possibility of betting that ‘he will stay in his current team’

The ‘Superquotas’ section is another of the great attractions of 1xbet if we refer to football since users have a selection of matches each day for which this house offers a higher quota than its usual value (Example, FC Barcelona-Atlético at odds 5 rather than 4.5 that both teams score in the first half).

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One of the well-known faces to advertise 1xbet is that of the journalist Julio Maldonado ‘Maldini’, a specialist in international football and that has a fixed section on the 1xbet website in Spain titled ‘Los chollos de Maldini’, and which enriches this even more. football section. In it, Maldini recommends each week a multiple bet with several events whose result he justifies with arguments and statistics.

As for traditional bets, the offer is higher in number than those that appear on average in the rest of the houses, because apart from having the usual markets (teams, players, goals, cards, corners), it gives the possibility of combine several options or bet on very specific events (Barcelona leads the Break and does not win the match, Barcelona scores exactly one goal in the 2nd half).

1xbet Live

The streaming broadcasts of outstanding events give enormous added value to the possibility of betting live on www.1xbet.es , and more so considering that the competitions that we can follow are of the highest level, since they include the NBA of basketball, NHL ice hockey and MLB baseball, leading competitions in the United States, as well as the Euroleague basketball or football competitions such as the Bundesliga or Serie A.

The possibility of following the television broadcast of the matches for free, which makes it easier for us to follow the event on which we bet (there is no better information in live than watching the game) can also be done in full screen through our Smartphone, which allows us to place a pre-match bet and then, during the match, limit ourselves to enjoying the broadcast.

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In addition to having this great advantage, betting on 1xbet live has other benefits such as the wide range of markets available to bet during events .

For example, while in another bookmaker during a basketball game we will frequently find only one handicap in the match in favor of one or the other team, which fluctuates depending on the momentary result, at 1xbet we can find up to 72 alternative handicaps! That is, as many Alternative Handicaps as we saw in the pre-match bets. And the same happens with other options such as Alternative Points. The thing is not there, because we also have multiple markets to adjust the final difference in favor of one or another specific bets that make live betting one of the main qualities of www.1xbet.es .

Finally, when talking about Live Bets, it is mandatory to reference the Exchange or cross-betting part of 1xbet, the live market par excellence in which bettors buy and sell bets permanently in a method similar to that of the Stock Exchange with all the that they can constantly carry out Cash Out operations and with which they themselves can set the limits on the quotas that they would ‘pay’ or ‘accept’ because a certain result occurs.

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Why choose 1xbet sport?

1xbet promotions

Unlike other houses, the number of promotions on 1xbet.es is small, but the quality of their promotions is high. On the one hand 1xbet improves some simple odds with the ‘Turboquota’, once the simple odds that we have just selected have already been compared with those of other international 1xbet portals.

But the two most noteworthy promotions apart from the welcome one are related in one case to basketball and in another to combined bets.

If basketball lovers already had a good reason to bet on 1xbet with the broadcast of the NBA and the Euroleague, this house offers another compelling reason with the offer with which it returns an added bonus of up to 25 euros if in the matches of NBA, Euroleague or Endesa League, the team we have bet on – a simple victory – wins at the end of the third quarter but ends up losing the game.

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Immediate payment 1xbet

Undoubtedly, the possibility of being able to make a immediate payment (also known as Cash Out) in the middle of a sporting event, is one of the main characteristics of this operator. When you visit their website you can see it. It is viable in both single and combined bets, and is done live. If you have bet on the victory of Athletic Bilbao against Valencia, and the Basques are dominating the game 1-0 in the 53rd minute, 1xbet will propose that you accept an offer that will be between the amount you have bet and the profit you can get if the match finishes with a Bilbao victory. You will decide if you wish to ensure with the Cash Out a lower profit or if you want to risk more and try to win your initial bet.

1xbet Exchange and Sportsbook, two in one

The cross-betting mode is only found at 1xbet. It is true that with the permanent improvement both in 1xbet and in other houses of live betting services and the corresponding decrease in the movement of money in the Exchange market, cross bets have lost much of the attractiveness that they originally had, when betting against other users was the only way to bet ‘live’.

But the point is that this modality can only be found at www.1xbet.es . And to bet on it, we do not need to open an account other than the Sportsbook section , but it is one more section within 1xbet. Two modalities in the same bookmaker, to the consumer’s taste, with the benefits to exactly the same account even if we bet on one or the other.

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Customer Support

1xbet presents one of the best customer services in the Spanish market. It has 3 main forms of contact. The first is a live chat (https://es-1xbet.custhelp.com/app/chat/chat_landing/c/414), in which you will be answered in a minute. The second form of contact is the traditional telephone line (800 90 60 40), in which you will also be answered very quickly. Finally, the third way of contact is e-mail. If you send an email (https://es-1xbet.custhelp.com/app/ask/c/414) you’ll have your answer within 8 hours. As if all this were not enough, 1xbet is a bookmaker present on social networks, and you can also contact via Twitter with its official profile in Spain: @1xbet_ES .

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Register with 1xbet

After having analyzed the portal of one of the most prominent sports betting companies operating in Spain, we describe the simple registration process.

How to open a 1xbet account?

  • We access 1xbet through its domain point is with which it is allowed to operate in Spain ( www.1xbet.es ).
  • We proceed to enter our personal and security data, which we will see on the computer on a single screen (if we access through the Smartphone this page will be ‘divided’ into two steps, first the ‘identification’ and then ‘your personal data’).
  • We choose the deposit method and we can start playing. Remember that the 1xbet rules require that the hypothetical payment be made according to the same method with which this deposit was made.

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1) Register at 1xbet.es

Like all houses that operate in Spain, access must be through the domain dot es. In the header, at the top of the cover, we will clearly see the two cells where already registered users must enter their name and password. Next to it, a gray button gives the option to register (Register).

2) Fill in all the prompts

1xbet has chosen to bring together the boxes on a single screen to enter all personal and security data. The user will have to choose a password of between 8 and 20 characters and that at least three of them are an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number or a symbol. Where you have to enter a promotional code 1xbet will already write the relevant one by default if we have clicked on the corresponding banner that offered us a 1xbet bonus .

3) Make your first deposit

Now you just have to make the first deposit and start playing with 1xbet. Remember to check the terms and conditions in case the chosen method is incompatible with the welcome promotion , although with a traditional method (credit card, paypal), you will have no problem. Of course, remember that if you win the payments will go to that same card.

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Information about 1xbet

1xbet app

1xbet has two really useful mobile applications for its users that greatly facilitate betting. With a very clear design, the bettor can save a lot of time by downloading them with respect to accessing the Internet version with his mobile being that they are really agile and very well structured.

In the App Store you can find separately 1xbet Sportsbook (recently launched a new version for iPad) and 1xbet Exchange Betting. Permanently tries to solve the errors renewing with new versions and introducing new features.

It cannot be found on Google Play because there is no gambling application in the aforementioned shop. Therefore, the Android application could be downloaded directly from the 1xbet web site .

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1xbet promo code

The track record, experience and quality of 1xbet.es make it one of the most recommended sports betting houses among those operating in Spain. Its promotions in the form of bonuses are easy to understand and exclusive for Sportytrader users, its competitive odds, its applications for smartphones and its streaming service, are a resource not only to help us in our bets but to use it as a leisure alternative .