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A dean, sir? no: his fortune is not manufactured You damage a man which is soaring in the trade.

P. If not the tradesman who established up to-day, A lot considerably less the ‘prentice who to-morrow might. Down, down, happy satire! even though a realm be spoiled, Arraign no mightier thief than wretched Wild Or, if a court or country’s made a task, Go drench a pickpocket, and be part of the mob.

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But, sir, I beg you (for the really like of vice!) The matter’s weighty, pray look at twice Have you fewer pity for the needy cheat, The very poor and friendless villain, than the excellent? Alas! the modest discredit of a bribe Scarce hurts the law firm, but undoes the scribe. Then greater, sure, it charity results in being To tax administrators, who (thank God!) have plums Still greater, ministers or, if the matter Could pinch even there-why lay it on a king. F.

Cease! end! P. Must satire, then, nor rise nor fall? Speak out, and bid me blame no rogues at all. F. Yes, strike that Wild, I will justify the blow. P.

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Strike? why the person was hanged 10 yr back: Who now that obsolete example fears? Even Peter trembles only for his ears. F.

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What? always Peter? Peter thinks you mad You make males desperate if they when are undesirable: Else may possibly he acquire to advantage https://www.reddit.com/r/EssayTracks/comments/198zgxp/help_with_essay_writing_please/ some a long time hence- P. As S-k, if he lives, will really like the prince. F.

Unusual spleen to S-k! P. Do I completely wrong the male? God is aware of, I praise a courtier exactly where I can. When I confess, there is who feels for fame, And melts to goodness, need I Scarb’row title? Make sure you enable me very own, in Esher’s tranquil grove (Exactly where Kent and Character vie for Pelham’s really like), The scene, the grasp, opening to my look at, I sit and dream I see my Craggs anew! Even in a bishop I can spy desert Secker is decent, Rundel has a coronary heart, Manners with candour are to Benson supplied, To Berkeley, just about every virtue less than Heaven.

But does the Court docket a deserving male remove? That immediate, I declare, he has my enjoy: I shun his zenith, courtroom his mild decline Hence Somers at the time, and Halifax, were being mine. Oft, in the distinct, even now mirror of retreat, I researched Shrewsbury, the sensible and excellent: Carleton’s relaxed perception, and Stanhope’s noble flame, Compared, and understood their generous finish the exact How satisfying Atterbury’s softer hour! How shined the soul, unconquered in the tower! How can I Pulteney, Chesterfield neglect, Though Roman spirit charms, and attic wit: Argyll, the state’s whole thunder born to wield, And shake alike the senate and the subject: Or Wyndham, just to independence and the throne, The master of our passions, and his very own? Names, which I prolonged have liked, nor liked in vain, Rated with their good friends, not numbered with their practice And if nonetheless larger the happy checklist ought to conclusion, However permit me say: No follower, but a good friend. But imagine not, friendship only prompts my lays I observe Advantage: the place she shines, I praise: Level she to priest or elder, Whig or Tory, Or spherical a Quaker’s beaver solid a glory. I in no way (to my sorrow, I declare) Dined with the Gentleman of Ross, or my Lord Mayor. Some in their alternative of good friends (nay, glance not grave) Have nonetheless a key bias to a knave: To come across an straightforward person I beat about, And adore him, court him, praise him, in or out.