The tires, lights, brakes and seat belts must be checked.

The tires, lights, brakes and seat belts must be checked.

Around the Mediterranean, temperatures above 20 degrees are now measured almost everywhere, in the eastern Mediterranean even up to 23 degrees in some cases. When it comes to long-distance travel destinations, the long-running Maldives and Thailand are at the top with 30 degrees Celsius each this week.

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Water temperatures in Germanycentigrade
German North Sea coast14-19
German Baltic coast13-19


List / Sylt18th
to reprimand13-16
Lake Constance17th
Water temperatures in Europecentigrade
Algarve coast19th


Canary Islands21-22
French Mediterranean coast17-19
Eastern Mediterranean20-23
Western Mediterranean17-21
Black Sea16-20






Las Palmas22nd
Water temperatures at long-distance travel destinationscentigrade
Red Sea25th
South Africa17th
Sri Lanka29


Fiji Islands29






Gulf of Mexico


Puerto Plata



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Long traffic jams are to be expected on the highways on the weekend of Pentecost. This will be felt especially in the south of the republic, as the two-week Whitsun holidays begin in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. But in the other federal states too, people are looking forward to a few days off, in some of them Tuesday, May 29th, is still school-free.

Travel – On the weekend of Pentecost, the streets will be tight
to travel
On the weekend of Pentecost it will be tight on the streets

Especially in the south there is a risk of traffic jams because of the holidays. to the video

The following agglomerations and routes are particularly at risk of congestion – also due to many construction sites:    

A 1 Cologne – Bremen – Hamburg – Lübeck A 3 Cologne – Frankfurt – Nuremberg A 5 Frankfurt – Karlsruhe – Basel A 6 Mannheim – Heilbronn – Nuremberg A 7 Würzburg – Füssen A 8 Karlsruhe – Stuttgart – Munich – Salzburg A 9 Berlin – Nuremberg – Munich A 19 Wittstock – Rostock A 24 Berlin – Hamburg A 81 Stuttgart – Singen A 93 Inntaldreieck – Kufstein

A 99 bypass Munich            

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Also traffic jams abroad

Whitsun travel also rolls through neighboring countries. In Austria, Italy and Switzerland, all important connections to the south will be heavily loaded. In Slovenia mainly the A 2 Karawanken tunnel – Ljubliana – Zagreb and in Croatia the A 1 Zagreb – Zadar – Split and the coastal roads. Drivers in the Czech Republic can now get from Eger to Karlovy Vary faster: this connection has been expanded continuously as the R 6 expressway since mid-April. But watch out: this also extended the vignette requirement to the entire route.     

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To save yourself trouble on site, there are a few things you should consider when renting a rental car for your vacation. You get away cheaper if you book from home, and bottlenecks at the holiday destination are no problem. You should especially take a close look at the rental car contract – and also at the car itself.

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Rent a car for the vacation from home

Jet across the country in a rental jeep, along the coast in a convertible or to the European Football Championship in Poland by rental car: Millions of German citizens are in the middle of planning their summer vacation in detail. Many people blindly believe that booking abroad is significantly cheaper. But that is a fallacy. It couldn’t be cheaper and safer than booking in advance at home, as Katrin Müllenbach-Schlimme from the ADAC car club says. Spontaneous borrowing from a distance often ends with holey insurance coverage. In an emergency, this becomes really expensive. Even a moderate accident in California or Turkey can ruin vacationers.

Special conditions for advance bookers

The rental car market in Germany is hotly contested, explains Frieder Bechtel from the online brokerage portal "billiger-mietwagen.de". This affects the prices – regardless of whether you order directly from the large rental companies, online through agents, via tour operators, travel agencies or car clubs. Advance bookings are almost always rewarded with special conditions.

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How well do you know Germany?

Test your knowledge with our darts game and maybe you will learn something too.to the Germany darts game

Rental car bottlenecks feared at the European Football Championship

If you arrive with a reservation in your pocket, you don’t have to fear any bottlenecks on site. Due to the insolvency of the landlord Aurigacrown, Spain vacationers have an estimated 12,000 fewer rental cars this year. In Poland and Ukraine, great demand can also be expected during the European Football Championship 2012, says Bechtel.

Pay attention to extra costs

Those who reserve at home get tariffs with all-inclusive prices. Comprehensive insurances, coverage amounts and benefits are already included – in contrast to supposed bargain offers at the holiday destination, on which such extras usually have to be packed on. "So don’t be blinded when a rental car in Turkey is supposed to cost only half the price of the car ordered at home" gives Schlimme-Müllenbach to consider. Additional plus: The small print in the contract can be read in German in peace. In the event of a dispute, German courts are responsible. And the quality of the rented cars is usually right.

This is what the rental car contract should look like

According to Bechtel’s experience, the following contract package is optimal: The rental car has a liability coverage of at least one million euros, is fully comprehensive insurance with no deductible, is covered against glass and tire damage and offers unlimited kilometers. Attention: It should be possible to collect the car with a full https://topadultreview.com/turkish-brides/ tank and return it with a full tank. This full-to-full tank rule alone is fair for customers, says Schlimme-Müllenbach. Lately, when it comes to refueling, there has been a lot of trickery using hidden surcharges, says Bechtel. Offers to buy the first tank of fuel and return the car empty at the end are overpriced.

Well secured on vacation

The ADAC spokeswoman advises those who decide to rent on vacation should not skimp on insurance coverage. Because the minimum amounts insured for liability claims in many European countries as well as in the USA are quite low, often well below the German level. In the case of major accidents, the rental car driver must then pay for the rest of the damage himself. In Turkey or Ukraine, for example, property damage is only insured up to just over 10,000 euros, in California or Mississippi only up to around 3,400 euros.

How you can save yourself trouble with a rented rental car

Whether booked on vacation or at home: the rental car should always be looked at carefully before boarding. The tires, lights, brakes and seat belts must be checked. Anyone who finds scratches in the paint should have them confirmed by the landlord. If several travelers want to take the wheel, all possible drivers should be noted in the rental and insurance contracts. In the event of an accident abroad, it is advisable to always call the police. Anyone who is injured should definitely see a doctor at the resort and get a certificate. Foreign liability insurers often do not recognize German certificates.

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Credit line secured, summer business in Germany better than last year – the travel group Thomas Cook sees itself back on track. But some travel agencies have doubts about the future viability of the company.

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Travel agency association sees payment changeover critically

The speculation about the future of the troubled travel company Thomas Cook continues. The company is changing its payment terms and is causing irritation for some travel agencies. The travel agency interest group, which claims to have eight voting members and several hundred sponsoring members, sees the changeover as a sign of dwindling creditworthiness, like that "Handelsblatt" reported. The travel association DRV said on Wednesday, however, that it had found no signs of concern among its members about changed fee regulations. At the same time, the DRV pointed out that customer funds for tour operator trips are fully secured, this already applies to the deposit.

Three euro fees for direct debit

Thomas Cook claims that it is now demanding a fee of three euros from holidaymakers who pay by direct debit due to increased costs due to the introduction of the European payment system Sepa. Until now, the direct debit authorization was free of charge. The previous fee for transfers is no longer applicable. Because of the introduction of Sepa in 2014, the software had to be changed, additional work steps were necessary, said a spokesman for Thomas Cook Germany. This makes direct debits more expensive and time-consuming. Market leader Tui Germany, however, sees no reason to change its payment terms. "Payment by direct debit will continue to be possible with Tui free of charge" said a spokesman.

Technology, parts and comfort: the A380 on the way to completion
Photo series with 15 pictures

Association fears insufficient credit line at Thomas Cook

Banks usually require a credit line from customers with large direct debit volumes, because the direct debits can be canceled even after receipt of payment. An eight-week cancellation period applies from July 9th. According to the BdB banking association, the size of the credit line depends on the individual case. "We fear that the credit institutes no longer cooperated with Thomas Cook" said Marija Linnhoff, travel agency owner and vice chairman of the travel agency interest group, the "Handelsblatt".

Thomas Cook denies problems

Thomas Cook rejected the presumption. The company still has a solid credit line at its bank, Commerzbank, said the spokesman. A maximum of 50 travel agencies of the around 10,000 sales partners would have had questions about the changeover. In the summer season, Thomas Cook in the important German market is above the previous year in bookings and sales. The result has also improved.

Great Britain industry in crisis

The group, which is represented in Germany with the Neckermann Reisen, Bucher Last Minute and Öger Tours brands, was caught up in a crisis due to the unrest in the Middle East and poor business in the UK. Due to immense depreciation, the company posted a loss of more than half a billion pounds in fiscal 2010/2011 as of September 30th.